Friday, 27 August 2010

Emma's Album

This is a chipboard album from Tando Creative that I started making a while ago - you know what happens, you start it, put it to one side, then forget about it - well that's what I usually do. Anyhow, having this blog has made me look at all the 'unfinished' stuff that I have lying around and get myself sorted and actually finish them!
This page at least has a photo on and some embellishments! The chipboard albums are easy enough to cover with lovely papers, or paint or any other medium that you fancy. I just love using patterned papers over everything! I chose these colours because Emma suits the colours and turquoise happens to be one of her favourite colours! I am going to complete the album using lists of things that she likes and hopefully get her to write some of the lists herself - that way I have a lasting momento of her handwriting at this age.

The chipboard albums can be ordered with any name, or place of holiday e.g. Paris, Rome etc. and are a good way to add photo's quickly and easily without having to complete a whole 12x12 album.


  1. What a good idea of keeping her handwriting , I have a couple of shaped books and have never had the courage to cover them with paper, Im always worried I cant get it neat enough, is there a secret as to the best way to do it please? yours looks lovely

  2. I think it helps that I have been 'cutting out' since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors. If you draw around the chipboard with a fine pencil and cut the lines closely, you will find it is neat enough. I always ink the edges of mine - that can cover a multitude of sins!