Monday, 2 August 2010

Ribbon Flowers

There is a 'freebie' of Ribbon Flowers in one of the papercraft magazines this month. I got a copy because I have an advert with them. Although they are a simple idea (aren't those the best!), I thought I would show you them made up. They are simple enough to make your own. Just draw and cut out in card or heavyweight paper a flower shape (or use your die-cutter). Mark the centre and cut a small circle (use a cropadile if you have one), mark slits big enough for the ribbon to go through in each petal, thread the ribbon through the centre of the flower, then the slits in the petals in turn - and there you have it! There are loads of things you could use to thread through apart from ribbon - things you will have in your craft box or around the house (wool, raffia - any material scraps would work as well). Just add your own buttons, gems, brads etc to finish!

1 comment:

  1. They look good, Im sure years ago I had a gadget that made these from the ideal home exhibition....goodness knows where that went, these look alot simpler thats for sure.