Monday, 23 August 2010

Ross Papercraft Show

There was a great turn out for the Ross Papercraft Show yesterday. I took a couple of photo's before it started (they aren't great but I will share them with you when I upload them on the computer).

I met and had many conversations with some really lovely people. I have realised that many people who attend these shows love making cards but would also like to try scrapbooking but find the prospect a bit daunting. Several people have expressed an interest but don't feel they are able to produce layouts that are 'good enough'. Rubbish! When I first started some of my layouts were pretty basic but that is the beauty of scrapbooking, your layouts grow with you.

Just like card making, you start off with simple designs, then when you are feeling a bit more confident, you start experimenting with more complex designs. Scrapbooking is just the same. I say if you want to do scrapbooking, give it a go. Start by making one layout using just 1 photo. If you are looking for inspiration, try a website called 'Page Maps'. It is brilliant at giving you loads of ideas and they produce a monthly printable sheet that gives you ideas for layouts. Even if you have been scrapping for ages it can just kick start your creative juices! Give it a try.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came along yesterday and an extra special thank you for those that took the time to stop and say 'hello'.


  1. Ive noticed when ive gone to some of these shows most of the stockists cater for the card maker rather than the scrapbooker. Im the other way , I started with Scrapbooking and then ended up making cards also to use up the scraps left over from my layouts. Its a shame there are not more for the scrapbooker , I think more would take it up if there were. They need to be doing demonstrations etc as I think people think its hard to do and it isnt. Hope you enjoyed the day .

  2. The majority of retailers at the smaller shows do tend to cater for cardmakers. That is why I like to attend because I try and offer something different. I did speak to a number of people and have 3 more ladies coming along to the Boldon Scrapaholix Club next month. I am helping to spread the word!