Saturday, 25 September 2010

8" x 8" Scrapbook layouts

I have been busy slaving away (!!!) doing 8" x 8" layouts for the scrapbooking course I am doing on a Thursday morning. After years of doing 12" x 12" layouts I found it quite a challenge. I think I have got so used to the space you have on the bigger layouts that the 8" x 8" layouts feel restrictive. Saying that, I have managed to make some layouts that I really like.

I make the 6"x 6" chipboard albums and the 'name albums' quite happily but for some reason I seemed to get a mental block on what to put on the 8" x 8" size. I think I am conquering the block as the weeks go by though.

Once I have scanned the layouts in I will post them for you to see and get some feedback on what you think.


  1. I have an 8x8 grandparents brag book to do for Christmas as a wary to start as i know it will be a challange after 12x12's but needs must and i really should get my skates on as theres about 36 pages to do......there will be some midnight oil being burned here i fear .

  2. You had better get cracking Jaqi. I know the pages are smaller but you still have a lot to do - good luck!

  3. Well after reading this i sat for two days last week and i managed to get the whole album all done apart from the last 6 pages which are reserved for the arrival of my new grand daughter in 5 weeks. I really enjoyed doing nothing but scrapbooking for two days, but wasnt happy that nothing else got done hehehe, anyway , it made a big hole in the project and I feel much better for getting it all done.

  4. Wow, I am impressed!!! Some midnight oil that was!