Saturday, 18 September 2010

I spy!

It's amazing who you can bump into at Marks & Spencer these days! I was in Sunderland shopping this morning and two faces from television were in there shopping in the food hall.

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes) and Michael Starke (Sinbad from Brookside) were doing a spot of food shopping and getting plenty of nods and nudges from people in the shop (some doing a double-take). Apparently, they are starring in Hairspray at The Sunderland Empire (until today).

I know they are not exactly 'A' listers (not like bumping into Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt) but still they had people talking.

Just like to add - good luck to everyone who is running (for very good causes) in the great North Run tomorrow. I hope you raise loads of money for your charities. Fingers crossed the weather stays fine for you all.

1 comment:

  1. How bizarre, you just dont expect to see them in M& S though do you? Saying that I suppose theres more chance than seeing them in Jacky Whites market lol.
    Just shows they are just people like us at heart , have a nice weekend