Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Happy Birthday Boldon Scrapaholix!

Boldon Scrapaholix Club is 3 (years) this month! It started in October 2007 with me and three others in my kitchen. The following month we moved to Boldon C.A., where we have been since. I took this photo at last night's club meeting - it is only the bottom of the table (sorry to other members if I missed you out!). It was just a quick snap whilst they were all engrossed in their scrapbook layouts.

We had cake (some were very good and had Weight Watchers cake) but apparently they tasted just as good! I say apparently because my philosophy on cake is - the naughtier the better (calorific value naughty that is!).

I asked members if they wanted to share their layouts on the blog and they were happy to do so. So next time I will photograph the finished ones and post them on the blog for you all to see.


  1. Happy Birthday Boldon Scrapaholixs
    hope you had a great night

  2. Cheers Jaqi I can't quite believe that we have been going this long!