Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How to leave a comment?

I have had a couple of requests asking "how do I leave a comment on your blog?". I will try and talk you through this process:

Click on comment (at the bottom of the post you wish to comment on)

A 'post a comment' box appears

Write your comment then click on select profile (I suggest you use google account)

An eBlogger page will appear asking you to log in/or make a google account

Follow the on screen prompts after this

Once you have an account you will be directed back to this blog - you may be asked to insert a series of letters (to ascertain that you are a human and not a computer trying to leave a message). You then have the option to review your comment before publishing it.

I hope this clarifys things - let me know (via the comments box if it works, or email if you get stuck). My email address is

Hope to hear from you soon!

1 comment:

  1. This is a useful thing to have put up, I remember when I started it all seemed very daunting , but once you have done it a few times it feels really easy. Hopefully you will get some extra comments now