Friday, 26 November 2010

Same photo - different layout!

You know how the scrapbook magazines sometimes feature layouts using the same photo? Well, I came across these two layouts whilst looking for something else and I thought I would share them with you.This first layout I did ages ago (when I first started teaching scrapbooking in the Community) and I have used this (or recently something similar) as the first technique layout I demonstrate on the course. I deliberately made it simple (but effective) so learners could see how easy it is to scrapbook!

This second layout was done by my (grown up) daughter and the photo depicts her middle daughter (Kate). I was fascinated on her interpretation of this layout. Not only has she used completely different patterned papers and elements but they so compliment the photo. I also love the title (cut out words that look like quilting!).

I think I may have some other scrapbook layouts lurking around that I may have scrapped twice using the same photos. I will have a look and post any I find.


  1. Both great layouts, they are lovely papers. Its always nice to see the different takes on layouts which are using the same theme or photo. Many blogs set challenges and give a certain image to be included in whatever work you do , I love looking at all the different styles , there are never two the same and its great to see how people interpret things so differently. Thanks for sharing youre work its lovely.

  2. Hi Jaqi - thanks for dropping by! Congratulations on the arrival of your new little grand daughter - I have been on your blog and the photos you have posted are gorgeous. All the best. Ann xxx

  3. Hi my friend, wow they are both fabulous but i absolutely love the bottom layout its so natural and striking.
    Hugs June xxxxxx

  4. Hi June - I will pass your comments onto Joanne. I have officially decided she is part of the Design Team here at The Scrapbook Garden Blog as her work is so inspirational! I have been on your blog and your dog is sooo cute! Ann x