Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bazzill Tulle

Tulle adds softness and mystery to so many projects. Create a 'puff', wrap it like a ribbon, or gather together to create an interesting element. Don't just think baby and bridal with this inexpensive product.

I have just added another colour of Bazzill Tulle to the shop website and this is the basis of todays question:

TODAY'S QUESTION: What is the latest colour Bazzill Tulle that has been added to the shop website? How much does it cost a yard?

There are two parts to this question - please answer fully for your chance in the draw. The first correct answer will see your name entered in the draw for today. Best of luck!


  1. Hi Ann french vanilla
    26p per yard
    thanks janice from her sickbed x

  2. Hello Janice - sorry to hear you are unwell and hope you are feeling better very soon. Another correct answer - thank you. Your name has been added in the draw for today. Take care, Ann x