Saturday, 26 February 2011

Everything's ready!

Just come back from Nissan, Sunderland after preparing my 'shop' for tomorrow's MAX Papercraft Show. I think the more practice I get putting together product stands, arranging paper stands and erecting tables, the quicker I become. Everything is done (well almost - just finishing touches) and I am raring to go to meet all customers - new and old (not old as in age!).

I have quite a lot of Tando Creative chipboard on sale for tomorrow and I am hoping everyone will see what fantastic things you can make with their products. I especially like the chipboard words - they are great for scrapbook pages and even cards - all you need is a bit of imagination!

I have quite a few scrapbook albums for sale (at great prices) and I am hoping that more scrapbookers come along tomorrow as it is predominantly card makers that tend to frequent these shows. It warms the cockles of my heart to meet like-minded scrappers though! There are always the die-hards who come back time and time again - I'll meet up with you all tomorrow. Anyhow now for today's question:

TODAY'S QUESTION: Which manufacturer makes the 8x8 fabric album - pastel blue? How much is it at The Scrapbook Garden?

Correct answer in the comments box below please (first one only will be entered into the draw). Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Ann the answer is
    dovecraft and it costs 7.50
    sounds like you are going to have alot of goodies to sell tomorrow see you there with edna xx
    goodluck hope you have a good day xx

  2. Hi there Janice. Thanks for popping in to answer the question correctly. You are in the draw for today. See you (and Edna) tomorrow. Have fun spending your money. Ann x

  3. Hi Ann hope you had a good day at the show seemed as if there was a good turnout from the crafters but the exhibtors seemed to be missing never mind still managed to spend my money lols Janice xxx

  4. Hi Janice - thanks for dropping by to say hello at the show (and to spend your money!). Hope you enjoy all the lovely things you bought. See you soon at the next Scrapaholix Club in a couple of weeks. Ann x