Saturday, 5 February 2011

Majestic Obi!

I thought I would post another marvelous photo of my daughter's dog (Obi). I think this photo is fab - doesn't he look a bit like a statue! He is a big dog but is soft as clarts (that means he is a big softie!!). I think if I saw him running towards me (and I didn't know him) I would be scared, but he would probably lick you to death!TODAY'S QUESTION: In The Scrapbook garden shop there are 7 categories under the heading 'Bazzill Cardstock' - please name them in the comments box below.

The first person with the correct answer will be entered into the draw.


  1. bling
    cardstock with an edge
    dotted swiss
    just the edge
    glazed cardstock
    textured cardstock
    embossed cardstock

    He is a fine figure of a dog and if you hadnt said about the statue, i was about to. he looks amazing
    hugs june

  2. Bless you June for another correct answer. I have put your name into the draw for today. He is an amazing dog and totally devoted to Jill, my daughter. Speak soon, Ann X

  3. Ohhhh i think you should have that picture framed for your home its so lovely. My dog would just about come up to his ankles hehe
    hugs June x