Friday, 4 February 2011

Priced to go!

I have a couple of offers on at The Scrapbook Garden at the moment. The first is called 'Priced to go!' and it is a selection of products that have been reduced by 60%. The reason for these reductions is that I have more stock on order and I need to make room for this stock. Secondly, a lot of these products are very LIMITED STOCK and there may only be 1 or 2 of them left.

The second offer is the 15p patterned paper. Again, these are very LIMITED STOCK in most cases or items that have been over ordered and haven't sold as quickly as I would have liked. Now and again there has to be a clear-out - similar to our wardrobes at home (ready for all the lovely new spring fashions!).

TODAY'S QUESTION: In the 'Priced to go!' section, how many manufacturers have products reduced?

As usual answer in the comments box below and FIRST PERSON who answers correctly will be entered into the draw. Best of luck to you all!


  1. Hi my friend, i think maybe 23 but not sure on this one.
    hope you are having a lovely day

  2. Thanks again for another correct answer. I am ok - don't like this windy weather though! Hope it's been a better day where you are? Ann

  3. Ann it was horrendously windy here in Darlington too. It was calm today though i took a photo of a tree with broken branch... there were loads like that... the wind had some power ... i didnt go out in it