Friday, 11 March 2011


Just an update on the recent BLOG CANDY giveaway. Firstly, I would like to say a big 'Thank you' to those of you who have taken time out in your busy lives to stop by and review the products I have in The Scrapbook Garden shop. There are some who have not left a message once they have reviewed items, so therefore, I am changing the rules of the BLOG CANDY draw (just a very, very little bit!).

Instead of me asking for a review of a certain product each day, ANY REVIEWS that are completed (until 31st March 2011), will entitle the reviewee to have their name entered into the draw for the blog candy. I hope this meets with everyone's approval. It does mean that you have free range of products to review - so feel free. I would still like it if you left a message on this blog but if not, I will mention it the next day - that way prospective customers can see what other crafter's think of the products.

Thank you for stopping by - now get reviewing (the more reviews you do the more chances you have in the blog candy draw). I have added Jaqi into the blog candy draw (4 times) for today as she has written reviews on the following: Glitz Design Patterned Papers - Love Nest Block, Polka, Stripe and Prima: Botanical - My love (patterned paper).
Hope to see loads and loads of reviews in the coming weeks! Good luck to you all.


  1. Hi June - thank you for your two reviews on the following: Colour Me Crazy - Gypsies Crystal Centres (flowers; Laundry Line - Natural "Encourage" on Target (patterned paper). This earns you 2 entries into the draw for today. Ann x

  2. Hi Jaqi - When I looked again at your reviews you have actually done five. Those I stated above and the following: Glitz Design: Love Nest Damask (patterned paper). I have amended the draw - so you are now in 5 times for today. That's the way to do it! Thanks again and the best of luck. Ann

  3. I just love all your flowers from Prima. i use them al the time and sometimes add a touch of glitter on the petals to make them stand out on my page
    The colors are just great, but if they don,t match your project then just paint them

  4. Thanks Ann, Ive just found this, when i wrote the reviews it was straight after my delivery arrived. I was so over the moon with the colours and quality I wanted to write the reviews straight away, I didnt realise i was being entered into the draw so thats a nice surprise thank you very much, have a nice weekend :-)

  5. Ive just popped along and done somemore reviews for you dont know how many ive done sorry i got a bit carried away......hope its ok

  6. Hi Ann, I have left some reviews for flowers, hope they are ok