Wednesday, 18 May 2011

4186 MILES

I just had to do this layout once I saw Lesley Oman's version in this month's Scrapbook Magazine (Issue55, page 21).The version in the magazine was very colourful but I decided to do a more subdued layout as I wanted the photograph to be the main element that jumped out when you looked at it. I used MME 'Life Stories' patterned papers to achieve an outdoorsy look. The photo was taken over 5 years ago in Canada, against the wonderful backdrop of the Rockie Mountains. It isn't a 'posed' photograph but one that was taken 'unawares'.

I loved how Lesley's layout told the story of her and her friend being apart for a year and it made me realise that I haven't actually seen my sister since this photograph was taken. 5 years is a very long time not to see someone! I followed the layout to the letter but by adding my own paper choices, photo and elements have made it my own. It has inspired me to do more layouts of this trip as I had good intentions when I returned to scrap them all but they are still laying in the 8" x 8" album I bought. Ironically, Canada is the place that 'I found' scrapbooking, so it seems a fitting tribute that I should finish what I started. This is the start (apart from a couple of simple attempts I made).

Do you have a story to tell about loved ones that you haven't seen or heard from for a long time? Share it with us here. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Ann its lovely, I like the way you have presented the maps like that, mounting them on the black card really makes them stand out.
    I like youre colour choices and it certainly does make the photo pop from the page.

    I also have family in Canada , my aunt and uncle visited her about 3 years ago but I havent seen my cousins there in about 25 years .....I am in touch wih them through facebook though but they have children that ive never met. I dont have any plans to go to Canada so thats a shame . Its hard when family live so far away , the distance can be covered quickly with modern transport but the cost is another story altogether.
    Anyway I love your layout and I agree you need to get that aklbum finished off and then put all the pages on here in a slideshow for us to see. Thanks for sharing this (im off to continue on with my little house hehehe)

  2. Oh typos sorry.....
    that should be 'visited here' and also 'get that album'
    and i should check before i press post comment lol

  3. Thanks Jaqi. I think most of us have a story similar to this to tell! Ann x

  4. Really great layout
    Linda P

  5. Thanks for your comments on today's blog post Linda. I have entered your name into the draw for today. Ann x

  6. Beautiful layout Ann, wow this is so fabulous and clever.
    Yep i have a brother in Vancouver, we see each other approx once a year as he tries to come home to visit once year.
    Hugs June xxxxx