Friday, 29 July 2011

Baby Boy

Today it is one of my layouts that I have to show you. This is one of my Grandson (one of the first photograph's taken). The reason for scrapping this layout is two-fold. Firstly, it is a family photograph and it will go into my family album. Secondly, I am presently creating layouts as part of a Paper Craft qualification and this is one that I will be submitting for Unit 4.As part of this unit I do need to get some feedback from other crafters on what they think of the layouts I have produced.

When I got feedback on the last unit I asked the members of the Boldon Scrapaholix Club for their views (which they kindly gave and very constructively too). Unfortunately, the next club date is not until 9th August and I would like to get this unit completed so I can submit it early next week. So, today I am asking for some feedback on this layout please.

What I asked the club members last time was these questions:
1. What do you think is the best feature of this layout?
2. What do you think about the colour combinations used?
3. If you were creating this layout, what would you have done differently?
4. Overall, is the patterned papers used, colour scheme, title, suitable for the photograph? - If no, please say why.

If you can spare a few minutes to answer these questions, I would be extremely grateful. If you don't want to leave your answer on this blog, just leave a message to say that you have emailed me your reply and I will enter your name into the blog candy draw (usual rules apply still). My email address is: Thank you - your comments are appreciated.

To see what materials I used and what I did to create this layout - see page called Recipe Card - Baby Boy at the top of this page.


  1. I absolutely love this layout! it's great.
    Answers to your Questions:
    1. Obvious answer is the wonderful photo.... but second to that with regards to your layout I really like the bottom left hand section with the little flags and buttons, I feel this really finishes the layout off.
    2. LOVE the colour combo, the bold yellow is a great splash of colour within the various tones of blue.
    3. now this is really tough as I can't fault your layout in the slightest!! I guess if I was to be really picky I personally prefer the bolder headings made from things like thickers but your title really is just great too.
    4. The colours are just perfect for the photo.
    Hope these answers help. I'm intrigued about what papercraft qualification you are doing, will drop you a mail about that, hope you don't mind.

  2. Hi Ann,

    A lovely layout , very special indeed. To answer your questions,

    1. I love the way the image takes centre stage for this layout, (as it should)a lovely sweet image and I think it draws you straight to the image when you look at the page.

    2. I like the colours , it looks fresh and clean just what you relate to a new baby.

    3. I think the only thing I would have done differently would have been to add some tiny baby feet and hands embellishments.

    4. I love the papers, they do go together well , I think I would have stuck to all blues but the contrast here is nice and even matches with the flower centres and the baby tag too.

    I really like the 2 shaped pieces bottom left with the buttons on, they look good.
    Hope this helps with what you need .

  3. Thanks April and Jaqi (and Jules who emailed me her comments as she is experiencing problems with Blogger) I will give you all 2 entries into the blog candy draw. I agree that it is difficult giving feedback on something like this as it is down to personal choice. I suppose I could liken it to a piece of art in that everyone has their own style and not everything I do is to everyone's taste but I can live with that. Evaluation is a big piece of this course. Thanks again I appreciate your comments.

  4. Hi Ann,
    1. I think the best feature is how you have framed your grandson so that your eyes are drawn to the image then you look at the other elements such as the name and date once you have looked at the picture.
    2. The colour combination is excellent as it compliments the picture and matches the colours on your grandson's hat.
    3. It all works really well the only thing I would change would be to add something the the yellow part above the buttons as it appears a bit plain, this could have been embossed with some hearts or daisy's or a little element could be added here to break it up.
    4.The colour scheme, patterns and elements are all suitable for the picture as it all compliments but does not overwhelm.

  5. Hi Laura - thank you for your comments - most constructive. I like the idea of the embossing (something I didn't think of!). It is good to get feedback like this and it makes you think more for your next design. As before, I will give you 2 entries into the draw. Ann x

  6. Hi, well done! And good luck with your qualification - tell us more about it, I'm sure this is interesting for many of us! And here are my answers:

    1.: the clarity of the layout which is structured and conveys an open feeling. No overloading, a good balance between grouping and spreading of the embellischments.

    2.: No risk here as this is a traditional colour combination for baby cards, but it works. I keep wondering if a shade darker (more orange-ish) would have harmonized better with the baby's skin tones or not - hard to say without trying it out.

    3.: I might have broken up the solid block of orange on the left by punching something out, maybe round holes or something stripey or tartan. And I'd have displayed the actual name and date in bigger letters than the word "name" and "date" - but that's probably just me not liking forms.

    4.: The paper, ttle and colour scheme work well, I like the fact that the greys from the photo are taken up in the stripes as well - it softens the colour scheme and lights it up. It's fresh, modern, playful and elegant but I'd probably have added a single yellow duck touching the photograph just to break up the adultness of it.

  7. Hi Agnes - thanks for your comments - another really constructive one. You are probably right about the 'adultness' of the layout. It is just my style as I don't really like layouts that have little 'baby elements' on them - it is just not me. It has been very interesting getting comments back though and it will help with the qualification. I will add your name in twice for today - best of luck! Ann

  8. Hi Ann, I hope the below helps you with your qualification.
    1. For me the best feature of the layout are the clean lines and the fact that your grandson is star of the show. The eye is immediately drawn to the picture.

    2.The colour combination is gorgeous and the splashes of the rich yellow helps to pick out the patterns on Jamie's hat. I also feel that the yellow warms the layout and stops it becoming too clinical with just Blue and White.

    3. If I were creating the layout I may have gone for buttons that were shaped like animals, with 3 grand children I knit a lot of baby and children's jumpers and cardigans and I have several hundred buttons in the shapes of bunnies and teddies that are the odds and ends left over when I have made cardigans so I would have probably used these.

    4. Yes the colour combinations and patterned papers are really well matched to the subject again picking out the colours in Jamie's hat by adding the yellow in rather than just sticking with blue and white. The yellow gives the layout a modern edge, and makes the layout feel more tailored to that specific photo rather than just playing safe and sticking with the traditional blue and white for a baby boy.

    Good luck with unit 4 I may be asking for some feedback from you soon as I am almost ready to do my first layout for the unit.

    Alli D

  9. Thanks Alli your comments are most welcome. If you joined this blog I could give you 2 entries into the blog candy draw. I made the rules so that everyone had an equal chance of winning. Cheers, Ann