Monday, 29 August 2011

August Bank Holiday!

I can't believe it is August Bank Holiday already!  I heard my hubby on the phone yesterday saying to a friend "It's August Bank Holiday tomorrow - after that it's a rocky road to Christmas".  I gasped in horror but he is probably right (apart from the rocky bit).

I always think that once the children return to school after the summer break, Christmas and all it's trimmings isn't far behind.  That said, I have seen my first Christmas cards - yesterday at the Metro Centre, Gateshead!  BHS had them in (I think they were last years and they were selling them off but I cannot be 100% certain).  Now I know all you card makers out there have already made a start on your Christmas cards but I really think August is far TOO EARLY to be selling them!

What do you think?  Leave me a comment and I will enter your name into the blog candy draw (see rules).  Only a few days left now if you want to get your name in this month's draw!


  1. Hi Ann, I have made 2 Christmas cards already because I am so slow I have to start early. I have to agree with you it is far to early for the shops to be selling them but I have to admit I bought a couple of Christmas decorations when I was at a car boot sale 2 weeks ago. Laura

  2. Hi Laura - I know that some people make Christmas cards all the year round, especially if they make them to sell for charity. I think your cards take you a long time because you put a lot of effort into them. The 'Thank You' card you sent me was beautiful. Ann x

  3. Oh wow. This brings back memories. I used to work as a Saturday girl in that very BHS when the Metro Centre first opened. How weird is that. I haven't made any cards yet, but I have bought some presents.

  4. It's a small world! I can't believe that the Metro Centre has been open for the number of years it has been - it's still a great place to shop!