Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Mask releases from Tando Creative

Tando Creative have released some new Masks and today I have decided to show you the two Christmas Masks, along with some Christmas chipboard.
This is a fab Snowflakes Mask that can be used time and time again and only costs £3.00!  There are just so many lovely Christmas cards and craft projects you could make using this lovely Mask.
Another favourite is this 'Hanging baubles' Mask - again super value at only £3.00!  These masks are made from a durable plastic that can literally be used time and time again (year after year I suspect!).  These are truly traditional images that never date!
These lovely chipboard Candle Ornaments would look great on the front of a special Christmas card.  All the detail is already on the chipboard - all you have to do is colour it in using pens, paints, or whatever medium you want - they take practically anything you throw at them!
This is the chipboard version of letters spelling 'Christmas' and can be used for making special Christmas projects. Tando Creative have a fabulous one on their blog that you can make for the festive season.

Please leave a comment and I will add your name into this month's blog candy draw (see rules).  Thanks for popping in.


  1. Its very exciting all these new products, that hanging baubles mask is gorgeous, can these masks be put through the cuttlebug and used for embossing too? I saw a demonstration somewhere and they were using masks to emboss, wondered if these would do the same?

  2. I haven't tried it myself Jaqi but people have told me that is what they do - I will have to have a go to find out. I will contact Di at Tando to check and get back to you. Ann x

  3. I have checked with Di from Tando and she said they will go through your Cuttlebug to emboss. Ann x

  4. oh thanks Ann thats great thanks for getting that info , so thats a plus side if they can be used in the cuttlebug too.....cheers