Friday, 19 August 2011

Two Scoops has arrived!

Bazzill Two Scoops has arrived at The Scrapbook Garden.  I have uploaded all the new Bazzill Two Scoops images onto the website (with the exception of Moose Tracks, which arrived damaged - these things happen!).  They are so, so much better in real life than looking at a picture.  For starters the embossed patterns are so delicate!  I know I gave a taster last week of what was on order but in reality the colours are stunning!  This has to be one of the best ranges of Bazzill ever (and that from someone who loves this brand!). 
I have Prima ranges to upload next .... I have all the stock I ordered apart from the flowers (a bit disappointing but they are expected soon).

Pop by the shop and have a look - report back on what you think of the colours and I will enter your name into the blog candy draw.  Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

  1. Oh WOW....... you really want me to pick a favourite colour from this selection? they are all gorgeous, what a fabulous collection of colours