Sunday, 4 September 2011

We're off to Harrogate!

We (meaning me and my daughter Joanne) are off to Harrogate next Saturday.  The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza is in town for 2 days and we are going shopping!

We aren't going as traders but as 'customers' to have a look around and hopefully get some new ideas on new products that I may not have had to chance to see yet.  When you are at these events as a trader, sometimes you do not get the chance to have a look around, so it will be a nice change to actually go and look around properly.

Joanne hasn't been to Harrogate either and it was a bit of a treat for her to go and hopefully we will have chance to have a look around the shops as well.  Maybe even visit 'Bettys' for an afternoon coffee and a slice of cake!

If you are going to the papercraft show or have been in the past, (or even if you haven't) - let me know by leaving a comment.  I will enter your name into the draw for your chance to win the 'Halloween' goodies.  Usual rules apply though.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Have fun shopping :o) I haven't been but i'm sure you will be spoilt for choice. x

  2. I intend to - looking forward to it (especially the coffee and cake bit!). Ann x

  3. Have fun! I have not been to a show, but I do attend Crops that have alot of different vendors. I hope to get to a large show someday (soon).

  4. Oooh Im going too with my friend purse is having a nervous breakdown at the thoughts of it...
    Ive taken the 2 days off work that way I can have a play with my new purchases on the sunday....i hope.

    Im sure I will see you there Ann, and Im sure we will have a fab time :-)

  5. Hi Kim - if you follow the blog (by adding your link as above left)I could enter your name into the draw for the Halloween blog candy. Ann