Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Boldon Scrapaholix Club

Boldon Scrapaholix has been running now for 4 years!  This month marks our 4th anniversary!  We started out with 4 members (including me) around my kitchen table.  Each year on the club's anniversary I take in some cakes for the club members and we have a little reminiscence about what we have done over the past year (or years in our case).

I cannot really believe that we have been going for so long.  We still have some of the original members who attend every month (one who has only ever missed once!).   The club night for this month is tonight - so 'Happy Anniversary' ladies and long may we run.

Are any of the followers of this blog club members of any craft groups?  Let me know what you do, where you meet etc., and I will enter your name into the draw for this month (see rules).  Hopefully, I may have some layouts from the members for the post tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy Anniversary to your club! 4 years! that's good going! I haven't heard of any clubs or groups near me. x

  2. Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary, it's my 4th Wedding Anniversary this month.Where has the time gone lol....

    I dont attend any clubs, I am lucky enough to be friends with Jaqi, and she's my mentor,lol... she's fantastic

  3. Hi Ann, happy 4th anniversary, it sounds wonderful that it started in your kitchen, what fond memories for you. You will have made lots of buddies, I am not a member of any craft groups, I don't know of any in my area. I just look at blogs and take part in challenges to keep motivated. I just finished a card using the tando masks again, I am having fun using these. Thanks again! Laura

  4. Happy Anniversary, wow how the time has flown, hope you will be celebrating with cake hehehe.

    Im not a member of any craft clubs now but im fortunate to have a few friends who come to my house to craft, and sometimes we have cake ( we dont need a reason lol )

    Thank you Shelagh one of my partners in crime :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    I do belong to a group of ladies that scrapbook and make cards. We have been meeting for years, but just recently named ourselves offically when a local store offered a discount to groups, not individuals. We meet once a month, and goto crops together about 8 times a years.

  6. Thank you all for your good wishes. Here's to another year of scrapbook creations! Ann