Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Half-term holidays

I hope those of you with children (and those who are minding other people's children) this week aren't too stressed out!  It is a difficult thing at times to keep children amused for all the hours they would normally be in school.  It can be quite expensive too to take them out, even just for a snack at lunchtime as a treat (and to get them out the house for a few hours).

The weather is always a factor when deciding on what you can do during the week.  If it is fairly dry there are always local parks (but that only works with smaller children in my experience).  There are local skate parks that older children use for their skateboards and the latest craze of (what we used to call) scooters! 
If your children like making things (and most do) I am sure that the more 'crafty' of parents can call upon a multitude of ideas of things to make to while away the hours.  I think when you are making things with the children it is nice to have a theme to work towards and that way they don't think you are just trying to occupy them (which you are of course) for a few hours.

Of course, Halloween is just around the corner and it would be a perfect time to get them to help you arrange some decorations, party invitations etc., for the day (or should I say night!).  Looking through my gallery on the website, I found these Halloween little makes that Joanne (my daughter) made a couple of years ago. 

They are quite easy to make with any Halloween patterned paper (or even just black, orange and purple card) and once you start the ideas will just flow.  Leave a comment to say what you have planned for Halloween or what suggestions you have for keeping your children (or others) occupied.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. These look fab Ann , I have my Granddaughter tomorrow but shes only 11mths so she wont be crafting . Then my grandson on Friday hes 6 but Im hoping to take him into sunderland town , shopping and for lunch etc.
    Depending on what time we get back he may end up doing some drawing but thats about it i think. Its my eldest granddaughter who loves crafting but I think she may be going out with her friends whilst her brother is here. I dont have nay plans for halloween this year im afraid :-( i may just put my feet up with a glass of wine and a spooky film

  2. Hi Ann,

    I'll probably be crafting, my grandchildren dont live near by, so I'll not be out trick or treating, but then again I could go out on my own lol....

  3. Hi Ann Thanks for the ideas for halloween "makes". my 4yr old grandson is at the stage where the glue sick comes out at every opportunity !!! they are having a party on Saturday so think we will be making decorations to-morrow.

  4. We have a halloween party every year, the family gathers together and dresses up to hand out treats to the trick or treaters. Then watch classic monster movies.

  5. No plans for Halloween this year for us, we don't have children and with working full time don't get called upon for looking after anyone else's. However.... my Mum is a big kid as far as halloween goes and she will love these ideas for decorations! x