Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Design Team: Sweetie Bags

Julia must have been reading my mind when she created these gorgeous 'sweetie bags'.  I had thought of  decorating some empty little flower tubs to add sweets to as a Christmas gift idea but these are so much better!

Using cellophane bags, Julia filled them with different varieties of sweets and used the Prima North Country 'Red Deer' and 'Snow Fall' patterned papers to create the tabs for the tops of the bags.  She then embellished them with some Christmas sentiments.  The two cartons are created using the same patterned papers and filled with sweets.  A very simple idea but they make a lovely gift.  Just think of all the alternatives you could add (not just sweets).

Julia has further information on her blog at

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  1. I love these cute little bags and cartons! Think of all the other things you could use these for - presents for the teacher, kids at school ... the possibilities are endless! Thank you for creating these Julia. Ann x

  2. These are sooo cute!! and as Anne say's they are so versatile! x

  3. Thank you Julia just been on your blog and your instructions are so clear to follow.. must admit I will have to buy more chocies than I'll need to fill the bags and cartons!!!

  4. MMMM these look tasty, great idea for little gifts. x

  5. Love the sweetie bags. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Sorry Im a day late....
    Great idea Julia and I think they would be perfect for teachers gifts and stocking fillers and its also a way of using up smaller pieces of cardstock left over from other projects