Sunday, 27 November 2011

Twelve Days ... continued

Following on from yesterday - thank you so much to those who participated in this bit of fun!  I thought we could continue on this theme in another little game - addition!
Nothing too difficult (it is Sunday after all - a day of rest!).  For those who participated yesterday - if you take all the numbers in your part of the song and add them together - what do you get?

Obviously all the answers will be different - e.g. my part of the song was 'A partridge in a pear tree' - so my answer would be 1.  Leave your answer (and if you participated yesterday) and leave your answer today, I will give you another 2 entries into the draw.  Thanks for stopping by.  Back to normal tomorrow - another lovely creation from Jaqi!


  1. 28 for me! and would you believe it's just 28 day's til christmas!! ok better get off this computer and up to my craft desk!!! :o) xx

  2. 10 for me! Glad it was only a small number, my little crafty brain doesn't have a lot of room for maths! This is fun though! x

  3. 15 for me....28 days til Christmas !! Best go shopping x

  4. 21 for me just my age many years ago. Oh no 28 days to go I better buy some presents. Laura

  5. Its 36 for me......sorry im a bit late just finished a double shift :-)
    wish 36 was my age lol, and especially if i knew what i know now.....
    Hope you have all had a nice weekend

  6. Thanks to everyone who participated - good sports all of you! You will receive an extra 2 entries into the draw for participating over the two days. Ann x