Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tando Steampunk for Valentine's Day

Tando have done it again!  They have brought out some fab chippies in time for Valentine's Day in the form of some Wings and Hearts and Steampunk Wings and Hearts as well as a lovely Hearts Background Mask.
Hearts Background Mask

Steampunk Wings & Hearts Chipboard

Wings & Heart Set Chipboard

These designs are just great for all those lovely romantic layouts and cards for Valentine's Day as well as new baby projects, summer weddings and girly projects!  These designs are all on order and will be in stock very soon.

Are you a romantic?  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day or do you think it's a load of nonsense?  Leave a comment to let me know and (if you qualify) I will enter your name into the blog candy draw.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. These are lovely chipboards!

    Of course I am romantic but I don't celebrate Valentine's Day just because it's "that" day. Every moment in my life is LOVE day! Love and care are expressed to my husband and son in every way every.


  2. Lovely new products, the heart mask is really nice! I don't celebrate valentines day, I do always make a card but that's all. x

  3. I'm romantic, but dont celebrate Valentines day, I have to admit though, Hubby dearest is more romantic, awww bless him lol.....

    Loving the new masks....ametedi

  4. I love valentines day, the perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate. I enjoy valentine day crafts and of course flowers.

  5. I do love Valentines day , But get so many cards and flowers it takes me all day to read them......Oh no hang on that was a dream I once had....sorry.. Well I live in hope lol, these tando shapes look fab and they are such good quality they look good on any project

  6. Of course I celebrate Valentine's Day. In my opinion everyone should. Makes it all the more special.

  7. we usually have a meal on Valentines day and always make hubby a card.

  8. a big "yes!" to any holiday...especially one that for most people include chocolate :) valentine's day is definitley worth celebrating :)q

  9. Beautiful chipboards.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your lovely candy (on February 2012).

    Val Rodrigues
    Hugs .