Sunday, 22 January 2012

TSG Quiz: Q5

Tando Creative make some rather lovely bespoke chipboard word books.  They create any name or word that you would like and I have the details on the website shop on the different sizes they make (4).

Today's question: How much would I pay for a word book that contains 6 letters?
First person today with the correct answer will have 2 entries into the blog candy draw.  Everyone else who leaves a comment (today only on this post) and qualifies (see rules), will get 1 entry into the draw.  This is your chance to get more entries into the draw to get more chances of winning the blog candy.

Thanks for stopping by today and taking part in the quiz.


  1. woa.... 1st again, something wrong here lol...... would it be £14.50
    for the 6 page book? loving the quiz...

  2. hi there. hope you're having a great sunday. I like your quizzes a lot :-)

  3. Yep I get £14.50 too for the 6 page book. I enjoy your quizzes too. Well done Shelagh for getting first :-)

  4. £14.50...these quizzes are def keeping us on our toes. :p

  5. Well I can see that that's already been answered a couple of times. Great quiz Ann
    Hugs, Rosalee

  6. The masks are great & great quiz too! x