Saturday, 21 April 2012

April Quiz: Q11

Today we are going to do something slightly different.  It is still looking for something in The Scrapbook Garden shop but it is more of a 'treasure hunt' looking for a product - I will explain:

Q11:  I have 'hidden' something in the shop and I need you to find it.  The item is marked as 'out of stock' and it is also price marked at £0.00 (no-one can buy this as I have no stock left).  All I will give you is a clue:

'Another name for a pack of cards'

Solve the clue (it's not that hard really) and you are nearly there in finding the item.  Once identified (and there is only one answer today) please leave a comment here and for the first (and only person today) will get - ta dah ..... 5 entries into the draw.  (Please see rules of entry into the blog candy draw to be entered).  Everyone else who stops by will get the usual 1 entry.  Good luck!


  1. Great question today Ann! I think the answer is the Cosmo Cricket: Evangeline - Element Deck :D

  2. Good Morning Jules - yes you are correct! You are the first (and only) person today to get the 5 entries in to the blog candy draw. Thanks for taking part. Pop back tomorrow for another 'treasure hunt' question. Ann x

    Anyone else leaving a comment today will get 1 entry in to the draw (if you qualify of course).

  3. wow Great Jules... How did you find that?

  4. Congrats Jules.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  5. OO I'm very late today hee hee .... congrats jules for getting it right xx