Monday, 23 April 2012

April Quiz: Q13

Everyone seems to be enjoying the Treasure Hunt so I have another one for you today.  As usual the item is in The Scrapbook Garden shop, is marked out of stock and is priced at £0.00.  You have to be a follower of this blog (see rules) to enter.

Q13: The clue for today's hidden treasure is:

'They flitter and flutter usually but these ones stay still for you to colour them'.

First person back here to leave the correct answer in the comment box gets 5 entries.  Everyone else will get 1 entry if they comment on this post.  Best of luck everyone.


  1. oooh I think I'm first! is it TANDO CREATIVE: BUG SET 1 - SMALL

  2. Yay! I was beginning to think there was no-one out there. I did put this question on later today so I think people who were expecting the question first thing missed out. You are correct of course April and you get the 5 entries into the blog candy draw for today. Thanks for stopping by and taking part. Ann x

    Anyone else who leaves a comment on this post today (see rules) will get 1 entry as usual.

  3. wow fabulous. Congrates April. I am missing these quizes. Either there is a power cut or I am out of home.... But still enjoying answers. Keep going Ann. Its so much fun.

  4. And to all friends who commening here, share blending tool :P :P :P. Have fun

  5. Congrats to April.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  6. I'm getting later and later getting onto the blog...... I must try and get on earlier lol... xx