Friday, 13 April 2012

April Quiz: Q4

Delish Designs make 'Biscuit Board Letters' (chipboard letters), which are crying out to be covered in lush papers, spreadable paints, rich embellishments, decorative stamps and inks.

Today's question:

Q4: Give me one of the letters in stock at The Scrapbook Garden in this range and the price (the letter 'J' shown is out-of-stock).  For an extra entry tell me how you would decorate these products.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Rules of entry apply.


  1. would go by my name's first letter "B" on £0.75 price. Have seen many quilled letters would transform it to make it quilled decorated letter.

  2. Good Morning Neha and Bhawana.

    Neha you have 1 entry for today.

    Bhawana you have 2 entries (the extra one for telling me how you would decorate this product).

    Thank you both for stopping by.

    Only THREE more letters to find - so another quick one today!

  3. Letter D! I would decorate using patterned papers, adding pearls to those flourishes that come out of the letter and probably a couple of little prima flowers to finish off :o) x

  4. Thanks April. That decorative idea sounds fab! You have earned yourself 2 entries into the draw for today. Thanks for taking part. Ann x

    Only TWO more answers to find!

  5. C! I would paint with my Adirondack dark brown paint dabber and then give it a metallic sheen with Versamark Dazzle in Frost - oooohh, now I need it!!

  6. The letter Y is in stock and id use my gold paint dabber and then some black 'rub n buff' wax on the edges to finish it off :-)

  7. well, !!!!! toos late was the cry lol...... reminder to oneself,' get on Anns blog earlier ' hee hee hee .. good luck everyone..

  8. Hi Mary J - thanks for stopping by and giving a correct answer. The paint effect you would use sounds great - good idea for everyone. Best of luck. Ann x

  9. Hello Jaqi - you have found the last correct answer for today and get 2 entries into the draw for your suggestion of using a gold paint dabber - will have to give this a go. Thanks for stopping by and joining in. Ann x

    Sorry - the quiz is NOW CLOSED for today as all answers have been found. You will have to come back tomorrow (a bit quicker if you didn't make it today!). See you then.

  10. I'm always late for these things. Congrats everyone.
    Hugs, Rosalee