Sunday, 29 April 2012

New scrapbook magazine

I came across a new scrapbook magazine the other day - well I had actually seen it a while ago but resisted buying it!  It's called Scrap 365 and is for ... well ... scrappers who do it every day! (their words not mine).  It's not the same as my usual Scrapbook Magazine in that the format is different and it has a distinctly European feel about it - rather refreshing really.

There is an article in the latest edition on a beautiful Paris inspired printer tray as well as details on how to make a 'flag book' using Echo Park patterned papers.  It really inspired me to create something with a combination of the two .... a flag book using the gorgeous Prima En Francais Collection.  All I need now is to find the time!

There seems to be a lot of 'French' influences around in the patterned papers and embellishments at the moment.  I have been to loads of different places in the world but France has eluded me so far ... perhaps I need to plan a trip so that I can take loads of different photographs to fill my newly made (and as yet still in my thoughts) French inspired flag book!

What things have inspired you lately?  Leave a comment today and (if you qualify) I will give you 1 entry into the blog candy draw.  Not long now until the winner is draw.  Best of luck everyone.


  1. Oh, I love Paris so can't wait to see what you make!

    I am being inspired by beach and sunny papers cos the weather is being so miserable!!

  2. We have been to Paris for a month and must say that I loved that place. so rich in art, culture, superb. I loved every bit of it.

    waiting to see your creation.

  3. Sweet! I've always wanted to go to Paris but I know for a fact that it will never happen. I love looking at other peoples work for inspiration there are so many brilliant ideas out there.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  4. I haven't been to France either, but I think you'd get some fab photo's to scrapbook if you went! I've been inspired by printer trays recently, I'd really like to have a go at one, but I was also inspired at Xmas by all of the wonderfull advent calendars, so I bought a kit and have only got as far as painting and assembling it, so maybe I should get around to finishing that befor I get a pinters tray!! x

  5. Sounds great I will have to keep an eye out for it. Paris is my favourite City Id love to live there.I have a small Eiffel tower on my crafting table as a reminder, anything Parisian is an inspiration. My main inspiration is my Dad , i could work with pictures of him forever , its just sad im running out of them now. Everytime i find another one a design for a page springs to mind straight away