Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Product Review: American Crafts DIY Thickers

I love American Crafts Thickers as a product but these new DIY Thickers are great.  I bought some for the kit we used on the National Scrapbooking Day and they are so easy to use.  I made a chart to show some of the effects when you use different products on them.  Here are a few:

I used mine by inking with an ordinary dye ink pad and the results are fab!  The American Crafts Micro Beads are also gorgeous as they are little metallic beads and they just stick to the letters - no problem.  To ink them - just leave intact and ink over the top - great!  To add some dimension - peel back the top layer and they become sticky - so you can pour over the microbeads, glitter etc., and that adds fabulous dimension to your projects.

Here are my findings of the review:

Cost: They cost the same price as the white Thickers (I have used them before to colour but they don't give the same effect).

Use: As described above, they are very easy to use and they do as they describe - colour or stick!  I found that the American Crafts Micro Beads gave better coverage that the ordinary ones I had (but that is just personal choice).

Overall Impression: Clever product that gives you more choices regarding colours when using Thickers.  The only downside - and this can be said of all alphabet stickers - there are not enough vowels!!!  Manufacturers take note!

Have you used this product or the general Thickers alphabet stickers?  Leave a comment to let me know and I will enter your name into the blog candy draw.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great review Ann! They look like a good product, I have never used Thickers, I'm always put off by the fact that you'll never get full use of them, but I am often tempted by them as they always look great. x

  2. Good Morning All, Just saying the word Micro Beads, bring a shiver down my spine,lolI was given sone a few years back, they were in a tub at the time, I took the lid off... and wow it was like a firework going off ha ha ha.
    I agree Ann, with the letters, you never get enough vowels, the ones I've used were great, just added that little extra dimension...

  3. Hi April - they are good value if you use them wisely. I tend to use a combination of Thickers and Safmat - funnily enough I'm doing a review on that product tomorrow). Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  4. Oh Shelagh! I can just visualise this happening to you!!! You do need to tip the contents into a bead tray or small box or the little blighters do get everywhere if you're not careful. Re the Thickers: That's why I like to mix my letters up - you get more use out of them then. Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  5. Great idea to make a chart , and I have to agree not enough vowels, I must admit thats why I usually cut all my own titles , Im looking forward to playing with these to see what results I can get, its ages since I was let loose with a pot of glitter lol

  6. Just be careful when you take the top off the pot - a little glitter goes a very long way!!! Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  7. I've never heard of Thickers before. Love the N texture and color. Would definitely look beautiful on those scrapbook pages of mine.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  8. They are made by American Crafts and are foam letters but can also be made from thick card. They give dimension to the titles on layouts. Thanks for stopping by. Ann x