Saturday, 19 May 2012

Product Review: Tim Holtz Alterations Dies

I have recently started using my BigShot die cutting machine over my trusty Cricut electronic cutter.  For years I have been faithful to the electronic cutter, cutting out literally hundreds of layout titles for students as well as for scrapbook club members and myself.  A couple of years ago I was bought the BigShot (along with some Sizzlets dies) as a Christmas present. 

I used the dies occasionally, but not until I started to buy the Tim Holtz Alterations Dies have I used it so much.  Regular visitors to this blog will know that I am totally addicted to the Mini Paper Rosettes die (I have to stop myself using it) and have successfully guided many others to this die (shame I don't stock this - yet!).

Another recent favourite is the Vintage Lace die, which is used on this layout:

Most recently, I have purchased the Tattered Florals die and this is going to be used over, and over again as it is gorgeous.

Cost: Costs of these Alterations Dies differ enormously and my advice would be to have a good look around before you buy.  I am hoping to stock some of these dies soon and hopefully will offer them at a good competitive price.

Use: These dies (with care) will last for a very long time.  They are not guaranteed to last forever and depending on how many people use them and most importantly how they take care of them will depend on their life span.

Overall Impression: I was sceptical at first using dies over the Cricut but I have been totally won over by the Tim Holtz Alterations dies (that man knows his stuff!).  I will still use the Cricut but for ease of use, portability (especially to classes and clubs) the BigShot and dies wins every time.

Do you have a BigShot or Cuttlebug or something similar?  Do you use Tim Holtz Alterations dies?  Leave a comment and let me know and I will enter your name into the blog candy draw (see rules).  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Ann, I've got the Cuttlebug, and quite a few Tim Holtz dies, I use the Vintage lace die loads, it's one of my fave, and of course the rosette, and I love the swirls, oh I could go on and on lol....

  2. Hi Shelagh - they are another addiction of ours!!! Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  3. As you know I had a Cricut and sold it as it hardly ever ventured out of the box, however my cuttlebug has to be my best all time crafting buy, i love it. Ive got loads of the Tim Holtz dies and use them over and over again, always gaining a new favourite. I use it for every project in one way or another , i couldnt be without it now , the tattered florals was one of the first ones I bought it is lovely

  4. I know I came to these dies quite late as the Cricut was always the 'bees knees' in my eyes. I think once I strayed away from cutting my own titles and started using Thickers and alphabet stickers for my titles, I stopped using the Cricut so much. No doubt I will have another favourite next week as I have some others on order! Thanks for stopping by. Ann x