Saturday, 23 June 2012

One woman and a screwdriver!

A couple of month's ago, I was in Ikea and came across some nifty shelf inserts that I thought would make a great display unit for my little Tando Handbags at the Papercraft Shows.  The other day I decided to put the shelf units together.  I started out ok - unpacked everything, got the correct type screwdriver and for some reason (I think the screws were too small) I was still there 30 minutes later trying to get the screws to tighten! 

Eventually they did - just needed some brute force!  Anyhow, this is what the finished article looks like - quite pleased with them as they were fairly cheap but do the job brilliantly.

I am all packed now and ready for the show tomorrow!  Have you bought anything from Ikea (or anywhere else) that you used for something else - other than it was intended for?  Leave a comment to let me know and I will enter your name into the draw.  See rules.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Good luck for the show tomorrow - we don't have an Ikea so can't help you there

  2. Thanks Glennis for stopping by and leaving a comment. Ann x

  3. Love the little shelf. Just beautiful. I've never bought anything from Ikea cause we don't have one here in Canada. Hope you have a great time at the show.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  4. Thanks Rosalee. I will let you all know how I got on next week. Ann x

  5. Hope all goes well at the show! The shelves are a great way of displaying the bags! I haven't bought anything from ikea, but i recently picked up a couple of small display unit's, intended to display miniatures such as thimbles and tiny ornaments, I intend to decorate and fill them with trickets like you do with printers trays, but these were less than £2 each so much cheaper than printers trays. x

  6. Good idea, great little display shelves.
    Have a great time tomorrow , hope it all goes well, i will be thinking of you all having a good time while im working. I have a soft long zipped up cd storage bag which actually houses all my vintage photos. It has a carry handle and its always just on my crafting table to if theres a fire i can pick it up as i pass to get out, all my originals are in there, but the soft calico bag is great for keeping them altogether