Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bazzill Matchmaker

I am probably telling you something you already know but just in case here goes.  There is a site called Bazzill Matchmaker that does just that - matches all the colours of Bazzill cardstock to most of the major paper manufacturers .. so making the choice easier when looking for cardstock for your cards and layouts.

Give this site a go the next time you are looking for Bazzill cardstock colour matches.  I use it all the time now when putting together the Design Team monthly kits.  It saves hours of looking at website images and saves money in the long run by getting a better colour match first time.
Do you use this site?  Leave a comment to let me know if it has helped you get better colour matches for your projects.  For every comment left I will enter your name into the blog candy draw for your chance to win the 'Fab Five' products up for grabs.  Rules of entry apply.  Best of luck.


  1. hi Ann just had a peek at bazzil matcchmaker good stuff should be a fab help to design layouts thanks xx

  2. Well!!!! you learn something new every day ..... I'd never heard of it Ann, so a big thenk you for sharing... I can now get the perfect match xxx Thanks

  3. Ive not heard of it either Ann but it sounds like a great idea