Friday, 5 October 2012

Making of The Printer Tray Clock

If you have arrived here to participate in the Tando Creative Blog Hop you will find the relevant post here.

I have had a request for some guidance in making up the Tando Creative Printer Tray Style Clock, so I decided to put together some instructions and you can find them here.

The Printer Tray Style Clock starts out life as two pieces of circular chipboard shapes, two stand pieces and a clock mechanism and looks like this:

There are, of course several different ways in which you can decorate this clock and the instructions I have given are for the Printer Tray Style Clock that I made for the Blog Hop on Monday.

As well as instructions for this clock I also have included in the Pages section of this blog (under Recipe Cards), instructions on how to make up a layout for a Baby Boy page.  I have now had time to put the instructions on for the 'Sweet Heart' layout I made earlier along with 'My Handbag Obsession' layout.  The instructions can be found on the left hand side of this screen under 'Pages' and then then relevant 'Recipe Cards'.

I hope these are of interest to you and that it may give you some extra inspiration or you may even want to try them yourself.  Any questions relating to these 'Recipe Cards' just leave a question on this blog or email me at

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  1. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the Recipes, great idea and very handy to have, especially if your a night crafter like me, lol...

  2. Hi Shelagh - glad to be of help. Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  3. Hi Ann, love that clock recipe. A great layout. Must have a go at one of these great kits soon.

  4. Hi ionabunny, go on give them a try - you know you want to! Ann x

  5. Brilliant idea and this looks like an exciting project

  6. Thanks Jaqi - I can see another little obsession taking over from the handbags! Ann x

  7. Great idea Ann the recipe cards will be very handy.
    The clock instructions seem to be easy enough to follow might give it a go thanks Janice xx

  8. Very kewl look forward to seeing it done :)

  9. Hi Nikki - these are the instructions for the clock I made and showed on the blog last Monday. Ann x