Sunday, 3 March 2013

New Craft Tote has arrived.

My new Papermania Craft Tote arrived yesterday and it looks pretty good for the price!  It is smaller than the previous tote I had but I think that is a good thing because the more space I have in the tote the more I will stuff into it.  That is probably why the handle broke on my last one - too heavy.

I love the design of this new tote.  It is black - a good colour when trudging through rain, sleet or snow but it has a section on the front and sides that has a polka dot pattern and this gives it a designer look.  When opened up there is plenty of room for pens and several different sized see-through removable pockets for ink pads, punches etc.

It takes a 12x12 sized paper case easily - I have several that I cart around with me and this tote holds them all perfectly.   It has 3 outside zipped pockets and handles for lifting and transporting.  The wheels looks strong enough to take what I throw at it and has two handles to lift into the car (a must).

The proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating ... give it a few weeks of hard graft by me and I will really see if it lives up to its worth.


  1. I expect you will be giving it a good workout.

  2. Give it some welly Ann, see if it lives up to your expectations lols xx