Thursday, 18 April 2013

Craft Tools

Today, I thought I would ask the question: "If you were only allowed 1 craft tool - what would it be"?  This came about from a question someone asked me yesterday (along similar lines).

Would it be your die-cutting machine (manual or electric)?
Would it be your trusty paper cutter?
Would it be your sewing machine or circle cutter perhaps! 

 Whatever it may be - leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. It would be very hard to choose just one - but perhaps my scoreboard would be my most used item

  2. From that response I can tell you are a card maker (I did know anyhow. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Ann x

  3. Well... is a blending tool too small for me to choose that? Also love my paper distresser... so it seems I'm in line with the TH quote: It's the little things that make life big!! But having said that, my BigShot never goes far from my side either!!
    Alison x

  4. Hi Alison I asked this same question on fb and die-cutting machines seem to be the winner! Ann x

  5. Hi Ann, I agree with your face bookers I love my die-cutting machine. It has taken my crafting to a whole new level.

  6. Definitely my Big Shot. It seems to get used in most of my projects, one way or another.