Friday, 19 April 2013

Project Life

The Project Life photo a day challenge has taken off in a big way with lots of different manufacturers producing papers and photo sleeves to accommodate this growing trend.  I like the idea around Project Life but I am not sure whether I would have the time to record my life like this on a daily basis - hats off to those who can!

Saying that, I suppose it is like anything - once you start it becomes part of your daily routine.  I like one of the reasons behind Project Life in that it saves time when scrapbooking your photographs - especially if you use the specially produced photo sleeves.

Photos + Paper + Sleeves = Finshed

They come in a Combo Pack containing 10 sheets - enough to complete an album
Echo Park have produced their system called 'Photo Freedom' and they have combined this with several ranges that could be used for Project Life or just regular scrapbooking pages.  As well as using for Project Life they can be used for scrapbooking retrospective events such as weddings, holidays, Christmas etc. and scrapbook pages can be made fairly quickly, opposed to the regular way we have been scrapping.

As well as using the specially produced ranges to go with these photo sleeves, you could use regular scrapbooking stash and cut these to fit.  Jules (former DT member) has a video on doing this and you can view it here.

Are you a Project Life scrapbooker?  Leave a comment to let me know and I will enter your name into the draw for this month.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm not really on the scrapping end of the spectrum, and that's mostly because I've never really got into the photographing habit - so the idea of taking a daily picture of my life slightly fills me with horror, I have to admit!!
    Alison x

  2. Hi Alison - I think with the new photo sleeves and paper cut to size they are fairly quick pages to make. I agree at the moment I don't have the time to record each day of my life and most of it would be boring everyday things! Ann x

  3. I decided at the beginning of the year to take a photograph every day for the year, like Ann says lots of my pics are very mundane, but it is quite interesting and rather worrying, that lots seem to contain food! Oh dear that says a lot about me!!!

  4. Hi Gillian - I think mine would be the same! Although some weeks my life appears to be more interesting than others - especially when we have a club night! Ann x

  5. Hi Ann, thanks for linking to my video!

    Just thought I'd say aswell that PL doesn't have to be a photo a day - if you take the spread I did in the video as an example, that covers a full week, but most of the photos are actually from the Sunday, with a couple from the Thursdy, and that's it! I find it much easier to manage that way :D

  6. Hi Jules - thanks for letting us share your video. Thanks also for the clarification about Project Life as all the articles I have read seemed to imply that you took a photograph each day. I think what you have done is more workable. Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  7. I had heard of it but haven't joined in yet. Ann x