Saturday, 4 May 2013

NSD: Question 4

On the face of it - this is another easy one ... but is it?

I may not always be round but you can still fasten me ... to pages ... cards .... any project really!

First one back here with the correct answer gets the goodies!  See you again at 2.00 o'clock!


  1. I am guessing buttons, although it may be brads. Am I allowed two guesses??? This is fun.....

  2. Hi ionabunny - only 1 guess per person - sorry!

  3. This prize hasn't been claimed - it was in fact a pack of Prima Rondelle Wooden Buttons - back to the shop they go! Ann x

  4. That's great Ann, I answered twice before reading the rules. Naughty naughty me but love how this is fair to everyone. Hope you get lots of folk joining in this fun. Have a great day.