Monday, 1 July 2013

Photo's from yesterday's show

Some photographs from yesterday's show:

 Some of the yummy MME patterned papers (not yet on website)

Grace Taylor scrapbook albums

A bit of the wall display!

Happy shoppers!

 Tough decisions!

Deciding on purchases!
Thanks for bearing with me regarding the blog candy draw.  I will sort this out today and draw the winner tomorrow.  Leave a comment so that I know you have passed by this way.


  1. Looks a very busy time there with lots to choose from

  2. Hi Glennis - it is a very busy show and there are over 30 businesses who trade there. Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  3. Hi Ann, gosh it looks like the shoppers kept you on your toes yesterday. Your set up looks great. Hope you get time to relax a bit today

  4. Hi ionabuuny - I'm nursing a bad back today - all that lifting! I will be busy the next couple of days updating the website shop. No peace for the wicked! Ann x

  5. Looks as if you had lots of lovely shoppers!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Karen I really appreciate the support I get from Club Members.

    Gillian - it was another good day!

    Ann x