Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Another page.......

This is another page I have added to my Fancy Pants Brag Book.  Mine is about 'My Journey' 2013 and I am capturing different moments in my life during this year.  As I didn't start to record this year until June I have had to look back at what I have actually done this year.

In January, it was DH 60th Birthday (60 is the new 50 now!) - anyhow I wanted to include the cards he got from our Grandchildren and without actually sticking in the whole cards, I decided to take a photograph and just add in the inside of the cards where they had signed their names.  Obi, by the way (in case you didn't realise) is a dog!

I love how on the first card insert the word 'birthday' has been scored out then re-written - just the thing a child would do.  On the second card insert as well as the dog's name there is also a little 'paw print' drawn on the page.  These are the little things that are priceless!

I usually keep all special birthday cards anyhow but I thought this way they would never get thrown away - well in not my lifetime anyway.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Please leave a comment so that I know you have passed by this way.


  1. Love the special way to keep memories. Looking forward to doing mine on Saturday

  2. I'm looking forward to what you all do. See you all Saturday. Ann x

  3. Lovely idea. Your book must be filling up now

  4. It is but there are 60 pages, plus photo sleeves and pockets - so loads to fill. Ann x

  5. Oh, they are a very generous size. I didn't realise there were so many pages

  6. What a lovely idea, I always keep cards that have been made for me but they are in a box our of sight. Definitely going to steal this idea. :-)