Thursday, 29 August 2013

More Brag Book pages

I have completed some more pages of my Fancy Pants Brag Book and thought I would show you a couple more.

This first page is of my recent holiday when we sailed from Newcastle to Norway:

I took some photographs when we came up river of Little Haven Hotel and the Groyne at South Shields.  Some of our family came to wave us off and wish us 'bon voyage'.
This next page shows me with Jennie Nicell from the Craft Qualifications Centre.  We met for the first time when I was at the Ross Papercraft Show in Edinburgh and she presented me with an interim Diploma in Professional Crafting.  I received my Diploma proper a few days later in the post.

I copied the Diploma and Candidate Unit Summary and added those to the brag book as a reminder of when I received my award.  It was a lovely day all round as Jennie presented me with a lovely bunch of flowers as well.

I am still adding to the brag book, as and when I get photographs developed and this will be an on-going project until the end of the year.  It has been a really lovely project to undertake and I can see that it may be something I would undertake again. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  Leave a comment and I will enter your name into the blog candy draw - not long now until it is drawn again.


  1. Hi Ann. Great pages. A lovely record for the year. When people started talking about project life I couldn't quite grasp how that would work but after seeing some lovely pages people have put together for a normal day I can see how it's nice to remember the ordinary too. This is on a smaller scale but a lovely keepsake and much more do-able I think. By the by, who did you sail with to Norway? I have been hoping they would restart the ferry but I hadn't heard it was running. I expect you were on a cruise line weren't you?

  2. Sorting my pictures etc ready for sat!

  3. Hi ionabunny - yes I went with Thomson Cruise Line. I have sailed with them before when I went a couple of years ago to the Baltic. That was a lovely cruise but the weather was bad on some days as well.

    I know what you mean about project life - I found the concept of that a bit daunting. This brag book is much more do-able. K & Co. do the SMASH* Books - they are smaller and would be filled more quickly.

    You should give one of the journal type books a go I think you would enjoy the experience. Ann x

  4. Hi Karen - hope you are getting suitably excited? Not long now - only 2 more sleeps. Ann x

  5. Your brag book is like a beautiful diary with extras!! I am still unsure what to put in my book but am thinking I will go back to my original idea of a wonderful holiday we had a couple of years ago in Spain.
    Like you say only two more sleeps!

  6. I am glad you think that Gillian as I set out to use it as a 'visual diary' of the year. It is a smaller version of project life in a way. I am really enjoying creating with this and I am sure you will too. Ann x

  7. Thanks Ann, maybe when the winter comes. I hope to have a bit more time ROFL. Busy with the garden and animals at the moment. The pumpkins are growing. Hoping for a biggee....

  8. Good luck with that ionabunny. Hope you send a photo. Ann x

  9. Good luck with that ionabunny. Hope you send a photo. Ann x