Thursday, 31 October 2013

All I want for Christmas!

In a shop the other day, I overheard a woman and a small child talking about Christmas.  The conversation went something like this - woman: when daddy asks 'what does mummy want for Christmas - tell him some lovely sparkly nail varnish and some red lipstick', to which the little child replied 'I will mummy' I had to smile.  I smiled even broader when I saw the child was in fact a small toddler of no more than 3 years old.  I wanted to say to her - forget it, when she gets home the sparkly nail varnish and lipstick will probably be replaced by something much more mundane like 'mummy says she wants some new pans and some red socks' - we all know what kids are like.

Over the years I have learnt by experience - if you want something specific for Christmas - just tell them, otherwise it won't materialise on Christmas Day.

I am lucky enough to have two grown up daughters who always ask (on the quiet), what would you like for Christmas so I can tell Dad.  I never really ask for much but I have realised that if I don't say something I end up with presents that cost a fortune and never see the light of day.

This year is different.  I have actually seen something that I really want (but wouldn't buy myself) and in the big scheme of things doesn't cost an arm and a leg!  So just to ensure that I don't get sparkly nail varnish or red socks - this is what I would really, really like.
If you are reading this dear daughter - not necessarily this particular set (I will leave that to your discretion) but even one of the above items would be very gratefully received.

Do you end up with presents that are expensive but never see the light of day after Christmas Day itself?  Do you make a list?  Leave a comment to let me know and if you are a blog follower, I will enter your name into the draw.  Draw for the Halloween goodies will take place tomorrow.  Good luck everyone.


  1. I get a beautifully wrapped box full of expensive things that are usually the wrong size or I'm allergic too.
    It's so disappointing then I feel ungrateful! xx Jan

  2. I know the feeling! They mean well but I hate the fact that so many lovely things go to waste. It's nice to get 'surprises' but of the right sort. Thanks for stopping by. Ann x

  3. Hi Ann, I hope you get a Project Life set for Christmas. It looks very you :-)

  4. Everyone says they never know what to get me. Then I gets loads of smellies and sweets.
    I have said any thing for my scrapbooking would be much appreciated and keep my fingers crossed lols xxx

  5. Wise advice for Christmas. :)

  6. We agreed a few years ago not to buy presents. People spend so much time and money buying things that others don't need or don't want. Really, if there's something you want you are going to buy it, not hope someone will buy it for you. To me the important thing at christmas is taking time with family and friends. Good luck with your wishes everyone