Friday, 18 October 2013

Pins & Needles: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day (of three) at the Pins and Needles Show, Newcastle Racecourse.  Thanks to everyone who came over and said 'hello' - new and returning customers.  I appreciate your support.  I was very happy to hear the remarks of everyone who came over to my little shop and especially the reaction to the Tando Creative Christmas Advent and the Advent Shaped House.  I showed you yesterday the 'naked' chipboard Advent Shaped House - well this is what I did with it:

This is side 1 - decorated by spray painting the inside of the house with gold glimmer paint.  The house sides and roof were covered with some Prima Christmas paper (North Country Collection from last year).  The little boxes were painted with red and white acrylic paints (the gold ones with the spray paint).

The other side has a different patterned paper for the roof - two little house looks for the price of one!  Side one has the twelve little boxes (odd numbers) and side two has the even numbers.  All ready just to add some little Christmas treats.

A photograph of the Christmas Advent in situ at the show.

 Part of the shop at the show.

I will take some more photographs and post them tomorrow.  Remember, if you are going - pop over and say hi.  Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Wish I was going! Your little shop looks irresistible. Love your advent house. I probably would have painted all the drawers the same colour to match but I think your idea of three colours is fab. Must put that in the great ideas pile.

  2. Thanks ionabunny. Just back in and realised that I hadn't scheduled this post for today - was just sitting there in draft! Ann x

  3. Love them Ann. Hope you have a busy few days xx Jan

  4. Gorgeous advent house Ann. I agree with ionabunny the three colours look fabulous together. Theresa x

  5. Wow Ann! The advent house is gorgeous. I have never thought about crafting with spray paints. Barbara x