Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tando: Stationery Box

New from Tando Creative is this fabulous Stationery Box cut from 2250 micron greyboard.  It comes complete with lift up lid and 2 drawers.  It is supplied flat but comes with instructions to construct.  The overall size is 176mm x 260mm.

This one has been beautifully decorated (by Tando Creative) in lovely tones of aqua blue - gorgeous!

A peek inside the box!  Wouldn't it make a fab workshop day!

Well ladies (especially the Mad Scrappers Club) what do you think of this for an idea for our August workshop?  Just having a look around at the moment, so not a done deal yet.  I have another idea (will post tomorrow) that might not be as daunting.  Check back here tomorrow and I will reveal the second suggestion.

I will be stocking this Stationery Box either way (will post when in stock).  Thanks for stopping by today.  Leave a comment so that I know you have passed by this way.


  1. Wow! I love how the box is decorated. The colours are amazing. Theresa x

  2. I think this is a lovely idea. Pretty and practical.

  3. Love the box but will reserve judgement until I see tomorrow's suggestion!! Do we have a date in mind yet?

  4. Could be a useful item on craft desks.

  5. Not yet Gillian - just getting some ideas at the moment. Ann x

  6. Awesome! That colour is gorgeous