Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Buy together & Save!

I have the fabulous Tando Creative 'House Shaped Advent Calendar' and 'Advent Minis' on a 'Buy together & Save' offer at the moment.

Tando Creative House Shaped Advent

Tando Creative Advent Minis

When you buy the House Shaped Advent - you get the Advent Minis FREE!  Offer is for a limited time only and stocks are limited on this one also.  Here is an idea on how you could decorate this project:

A lovely project to start now and get finished in time for the Christmas countdown.  You can view the offer HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Hey look girls, Ann's going all Christmas on us. And there I am just switching into orange pumpkins and purple spider mode bwahahahahahahaha

  2. Like the pumpkins and spiders idea....throw in a couple of skeletons and I would be complete

  3. Hey you lot stop ganging up against me!!!! lol x

  4. Webs... You need webs! Oh and maybe a little green too

  5. Hubble bubble toil and truble