Friday, 17 October 2014

Free Tickets: Winners

The winners of the FREE tickets for Creative Crafts this weekend are:

Karen Sandell, Janice Audrey Wright, Sheila Shears and Linda Pickering.  Your name has been passed onto the organisers and when you attend the show you will have to give them some form of identification.  Any problems, I will be at the show and I know who you are!

Thanks for stopping by my Facebook page, liking the post and stating where you wanted your tickets for.  See you at the show tomorrow!


  1. More money for shopping! Gotta love it! Thanks to Anne and organisers!

  2. Ooh, look, she knows who you are! Scary!! Congrats ladies. Have a great show. Hugz

  3. That's cos they are all Mad Scrappers!

  4. Madness is mere perception! To each other we are all entirely sane! Which should probably be the real concern.