Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Scrapbook Challenge: November - reminder

Just to remind you that you can get 10 EXTRA entries into this month's Blog Candy Draw by entering the Scrapbook Challenge.  The challenge is open until midnight 29th November 2014.

This is the sample layout that you have to base your creation on - but remember it is your interpretation of this layout that's important.

I know that there is a fabulous entry from one of our Mad Scrappers in the process of being created (which looked gorgeous in it's half finished state).  Until I get that entry the cupboard looks a bit bare.  So I'm pleading with you to get out your lovely winter photographs and get scrapping!

I know I can rely on certain quarters of our Mad Scrappers Club to get involved but it would be lovely if we could get some more entries in this month.  Just to remind you that the gorgeous Teresa Collins 'Tinsel and Company' 12x12 Scrapbook Pack is awaiting the winner of this month's draw:

Thanks for stopping by - see you all back here tomorrow.


  1. Norway, winter, that should be easy. The only challenge now is doing a LO. ROFL. You have reminded me to update the candy picture though so off to do that. Better late than never I suppose. Hugz

  2. Thanks for that ionabunny. Would love to see a lo from you this month (one can hope!). x

  3. Work manic at minute and still suffering with shoulder so crafting taking a backseat!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon Karen. x

  5. Still think this ia a great sketch and paperpack

  6. My sentiments exactly Ann. LOL. Hugz