Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mad Scrappers Club

It was our second Mad Scrappers Club (of this month) last night. I forgot my camera (doh!), so had to revert to using my phone (not at all tech savvy with this!). I thought I would show you the state of the place when they are working OR as they would like to call them their 'CREATIVE STATIONS'!

Very tidy Joanne!

Lovely layout by Beryl (from February's Kit)

OMG! who works like this?

And another one!

Thank goodness - another tidy one!
Are you a tidy or untidy crafter?  Leave a comment to let me know (and be honest!).


  1. Untidy, very untidy LOL. I am seriously thinking about scooping the contents of my desk into a box, except i know the box would just sit there looking at me daring me to sort it out ROFL. If I could find the floor!!!!! Its a wet grey day. Hoping to do a little bit of tidying and crafting today. Hugz

  2. Hi ionabunny. I'm probably somewhere in between the worst and best. Ann x

  3. Tend to be rather untidy and have stuff all over the room. A lovely night last night thanks Ann.

  4. Hi Beryl - your table was pretty tidy compared to some! lol Ann x

  5. We can't help being creative whirlwinds! We come, we craft, we tidy before we leave! That's surely all that can be asked of us?

  6. Of course - I just like winding you all up! (I'm wicked!!!) lol x